Initial Ramblings

Although I’m around technology daily, I’m from the old school. This blogging thing is quite new to me, although I find the idea of being able to publish my commentary. But then, who the heck is going to read this stuff anyhow?

So I’m thinking that what you’re going to find here are comments on anything from music to horse racing to politics to books I’ve read. If you happen to drop by, or should I say stumble by, your notes would surely be appreciated.

Egad! This is going to be a challenge at first, as I can’t even figure out how to use this software. As I write that last sentence, I have to laugh. I write software for a living and pride myself on the usability of my work. I build database applications using FileMaker Pro as a platform. This is probably a good experience for me, because if I’m going to make this blog interesting and readable, I’m going to have to figure out how to make it work.

And like most of the good folks who use my software, I simply want it to work and have little patience to futz around with all the thig-a-majigs and wangdoodles and googas that I have to click.


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