Kudos to Chrysler

Two summers ago, we bought a gas-hoggin’, garage fillin’ Chrysler Town and Country mini van. I drive a Miata, so you might see how it simply towers over my beautiful convertible. But I digress…

We recently took the car to the dealer for service only to discover that the front brake pads were nearly worn away after 23,000 miles. Needless to say, despite the service rep’s comments to the contrary, I thought this was a bit of abnormal wear. My other two vehicles had their first brake jobs at 37,000 miles and 56,000 miles for the Miata.

Having expressed my concerns to the dealer, I expected this abnormal wear might be covered under warranty. “Not a chance”, I was told. Brakes are a “wear and tear” item like windshield wiper blades and tires that simply are not covered. Having continued voicing my concerns, eventually I found myself calling Chrysler Customer Service, where I worked with a very pleasant service representative named Gina.

After doing some additional research and several phone calls back to the dealer, she offered to repair the brakes, doing whatever it took to get them back in order for a nominal $25. This certainly was unexpected, yet the right thing to do. Her action was much appreciated.

So, “a tip of the hat” as they say, to Gina at Chrysler for keeping a satisfied customer. So many companies today could simply care less, acting as if they have all the customers they need. I never understood how it worked that way, I always thought it was ultimately the customers that paid your bills. At least that’s what I learned from working in my father’s clothing store for years.

One last thing about “Gina at Chrysler”. At the end of the call, I thanked her, of course. Her comment was that “it was fun” (working this out). Nice.


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