Article on Ohio Election Fraud

I read a fairly long and apparently well-documented article by Robert Kennedy, Jr. in Rolling Stone on election fraud in Ohio. The article is entitled Was the 2004 Election Stolen.

Being a long-time resident of The Buckeye State, needless to say it struck home. Ohio was a critical state in the 2004 election, and the contest between Bush and Kerry was a rather contentious one, as it was throughout the country. Many of the accusations were thrown at Secretary of State and co-chair of Bush’s re-election campaign, Kenneth Blackwell. I say this because the same Mr. Blackwell is running for Governor of Ohio in the upcoming November election.

I highly recommend the article, and your comments.


2 responses to “Article on Ohio Election Fraud

  1. This doesn’t surprise me. The Republican party has been playing fast and lose with voters as they redistrict and create roadblocks in heavily Democratic areas. And this is a president who has made it clear over and over that he believes that he is above both Federal and international law.

  2. Crud. Make that “fast and loose.” Yup, me professional writer and English teacher.

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