A House Divided

Back in 1858, Abraham Lincoln, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate gave his often quoted “House Divided” speech. It was at the Republican State Convention that Mr. Lincoln said that “a house divided among itself cannot stand.” This was obviously a commentary on the rifts in our nation over slavery that eventually lead to the Civil War.

How divisive our nation has become these days. Red states vs. Blue States. Democrats vs. Republicans. Conservatives vs. Liberals. Gays vs. Straights. Rich vs. Poor.

The list could go on, but when does it end? Our legislators go to Washington to make the laws that govern our country, yet instead of voting on what’s right, they most vote “the party line”. Instead of working together to do what’s best for our nation, they point fingers and blame those on the other side of the aisle.

What happened to doing what’s right for the country? What happened to voting your values? Are we bound to become a nation that “will not stand” because our people can’t work together?

Personally, I think we’ve lost our direction, our “moral compass”. We’ve sold our values to the highest bidder, our morality has given way to expediency. It’s sad, very sad.


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