More Violence

I heard on the news this morning of yet another shooting in a school in Pennsylvania this time. I’m not going to bother providing a link to the story, it’s all too familiar. My two children are high school students and my wife works at another area high school. This is sad. And appalling. It’s hard to understand.

The most violence we had at Steubenville High School, where I grew up, was the occasional fight. These were often broken up by the teachers. I do recall that my friend John, was picked up by his collar when he mouthed off to a coach.

What’s changed? Too many guns? Poverty? Breakup of the family?

In another blog that I frequent, someone suggested the devaluation of life. In our society, it seems that some lives are less important than others. The life of some CEO of some company. Important. A teacher of needy children. Less important. What celebrity stars in some new movie. Important. The million dollar contract of some professional athlete. Important.

I’ll end the cynicism now. We’ve lost our way and many of our core values. What happened to valuing people over things? Listening and being, rather than always going somewhere. Taking time to care and love those around us.

I don’t pretend to have the answers. I’m saddened by the losses. Concerned by the lack of direction found in our country. Concerned at the lack of “doing what’s right” from our leadership on down.

Enough gloom and doom for one day. For something positive, take a look at my previous article on Good Friends, a facility for aging race horses.



One response to “More Violence

  1. All we can do is take care of our own little corner.

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