Religion + Politics = ???????

Take note of this article recently found in the Cleveland Plain Dealer entitled Preacher says GOP delaying 2nd coming.

In the article, a Houston based preacher named K.A. Paul said, “he believes that the Bush administration has delayed the second coming because U.S. foreign policy has blocked Christian missionaries from working in Iraq, Iran and Syria.”

Apparently this minister has been rallying a lot recently against the Republicans because of their abuses of power, but with quite a religious bent. Although many of the actions that I believe our government is currently taking, including the war in Iraq are wrong, my reasoning is not only moral, but I feel strongly that it is not the best for the people of our country.

“God is mad at this country”, Paul goes on to say. Since when did this human have a direct line to God? Or does God even care? Why is God mad, in particular, at the United States, instead of say, Canada or France or India? We’re making a big assumption here, one that I decidedly cannot follow.

It is scary when people invoke God in the political actions. We all have a different view of that God.

I sincerely invite comments, if you have something to say on this or any other topic!


One response to “Religion + Politics = ???????

  1. There are too many of them out there–those with the red phone to the Big Guy. Why does He keep telling each of them something different?

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