A Christian Nation?

There are those in power that would like the United States to be a “Christian nation.” As I understand it, those who practice Christianity follow the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.

Where is it in those teachings where Jesus talks of hatred? Of racism? Of prejudice? Of war?

Even though I’m Jewish, it is my understanding that Jesus was a man of peace, teaching tolerance, forgiveness, love. I always thought he spoke of “love thy neighbor” rather than “shun thy neighbor”.

And what happens to all the other religions and cultures in this “Christian nation?” What of the Jews, the Muslims, the Hindus, the Pagans, the atheists? Are we to be left behind?

I would imagine that Jesus, along with our founding fathers might be “rolling over in their graves” hearing of this concept of the good old USA being a Christian nation. I don’t believe this to be the vision of our founding fathers. I’d always learned they left England because of religious intolerance.

What about a nation welcoming of all people? Tolerant of differences and a nation thriving on new thought and ideas. I would like to see a nation of peace, loving our neighbors, even those ninety miles away from our shores. What about the kind of nation where we all get along and build a safe and peaceful world for all our children?


2 responses to “A Christian Nation?

  1. My theory is that global warming is caused by the friction from the founding fathers, Jesus, and countless others spinning wildly in their graves. And it’s getting worse. 😦


  2. Here’s one Christian who shares your concerns. A Christian Nation’s Foreign Policy

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