On Writing

My last post started out as an article on my favorite football teams, yet ended up with memories of my father. I’m amazed at how the content shifted as I got in touch with my own feelings of grief over the loss of my Dad. As I noted, the feelings were bittersweet in my recollection of the good conversations and sharing between father and son on some common interests.

Writing is a good outlet for expression. Doing this blog has required that I take the time to consider what I post here and do the best I can to express what I have to say. Although I suspect that few read my posts, the blog is open to the rest of the world and my words are likely stored somewhere so that they can be read sometime by somebody.

It’s a rarity that I do this kind of writing. Most of the time my writing is much less formal, often consisting of a quick email reply. Rarely does this kind of writing lend itself to careful consideration and much expression of thought or feeling. It’s just email.


2 responses to “On Writing

  1. Blogging really can make you stop and think about things differently. Fascinating, isn’t it, how making your thoughts public can morph them sometimes–make you be more objective.

  2. I don’t know about being completely objective, Paula. Maybe more clear about what I’m saying. When I’m writing something that is going to be potentially viewed by anyone, anywhere, I’d like to be a bit thoughtful about what I say.

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