QuickBooks: Nice Job

Last week I purchased a brand new MacBook Pro, Apple’s laptop with an Intel processor. So far, it’s an excellent computer: fast, solid, well-designed, and it even runs the Windows operating system inside a Macintosh window using Parallels Desktop.

For years, I used QuickBooks 4.0 for the Macintosh for accounting for my FileMaker development consulting practice, Watzman Associates. Unfortunately, it only ran in MacOS 9, and would no longer run on my new computer. I was more than pleased to discover that my new laptop came installed with QuickBooks New User Edition 6 for Mac. And all I needed to do was “register” the software with a phone call.

I called Intuit sales, full well expecting to get a pressured pitch to upgrade to a bigger and better version. Upon explaining my business situation, the sales rep suggested there was no need for any other product and that registration was free. What a pleasant surprise to discover that I had a “free” and high quality accounting solution for my consulting practice.

Fast forward about 7 days. I’m now using the software and, as with any accounting software, there is a learning curve. I check out the QuickBooks support web site, only to find that I’m allowed 30 days free support even for my free software. Taking advantage of their online callback support, I received a phone call in less than 30 minutes. The support person was friendly and helpful, offering suggestions on a better method to handle my payroll accounting.

I appreciate the helpful and pleasant staff that I’ve spoken with at Intuit, as previous experiences with Intuit had been less than pleasant. I’m a satisfied “customer” and feel it only right to praise their good work.


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