Please remember that November 7 is Election Day, and an important election for those of us in Ohio and in many other states.  This is a right that many of our fathers have fought for, trite as it seems, and one that I do not want to lose.

It’s easy to get cynical and think that the candidates aren’t worth voting for, but take a look and try to find a few that deserve your vote.  Additionally, here in Ohio, there are several issues on the ballot that could affect the people of our state for quite a long time.  One is a constitutional amendment to ban tobacco smoking in public places.  Another is an issue to allow slot machines and slot casinos in the State of Ohio.  Both are important to me and those of us living here.

Make your vote count, and make sure that your vote does count.  At least here in Ohio, they’re trying to make that hard to do.

Just vote on November 7!! 


One response to “Vote

  1. I’ve never, ever missed any election I was legally eligible to vote in. I never will for reasons other than health or something I physically cannot make it.

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