Election Eve

Tomorrow, on November 7th, Americans will go to the polls for an election that could begin a change in the wind in this nation. Many polls have indicated that a significant percentage of American votes are “tired” of the war in Iraq and fed up with the partisanship and divisions in Congress.

Here in Ohio, it is likely that the Buckeye State will elect a Democrat, Ted Strickland, as the new Governor of the state, over Republican, and current Secretary of State, Ken Blackwell. It’s time. To be blunt, the current governor, Robert Taft, is a crook and convicted criminal, and the entire government is fraught with corruption and political patronage. There have been a lot of shady dealings in our state, including the “theft” of some rare coins that were an “investment” for the Bureau of Workers Compensation.  Since when does a state agency need to be investing in rare coins?

Ohio  has the opportunity to replace a Republican Senator with Democrat Sherrod Brown, who is also likely to win.  In my Congressional District, Republican Jean Schmidt, known for calling a fellow congressman and war veteran who opposed the war in Iraq, a “coward”, is likely to go down to Victoria Wulsin.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be a bright day for this country, heralding a new direction for the US.  Maybe the voters will send a message to Washington that this culture of corruption is coming to an end, and that we want the truth.  Maybe this will be the first stage in ending the politics of fear and bring honesty and justice back to our nation.

One thing is for sure.  By evening tomorrow we’ll see the end of the sleazy political advertising on television.  It can’t happen soon enough.


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