My Vote

After my diatribe on the election, I thought I should “put up or shut up” and at least mention how I’ll be voting tomorrow:

  • Governor of Ohio: Ted Strickland (D)
  • US Senate: Sherrod Brown (D)
  • Congress, 2nd District: Victoria Wulsin (D)
  • Representative to Ohio Legislature (34th District): Steve Silver (D)
  • State Senate (7th District): Rick Smith (D)
  • Hamilton County Commissioner: David Pepper (D)

Additionally, Ohio has several significant issues on the ballot tomorrow:

  • Issue #2 increases the minimum wage from $5.15 to $6.85. Yes
  • Issue #3, the “Learn and Earn” amendment. Allows slot machines at Ohio race tracks and provides for several slot casinos in major Ohio cities. The “Learn and Earn” part comes in that some of the money will be provided to Ohio students as college tuition. It sounds good, but it’s highly political. Cincinnati was left out of the casinos because the sponsor, Argosy, has a casino near here in Indiana. Although I do gamble at the race tracks, I’m a bit skeptical. No
  • Issue #4 is a constitutional amendment that limits smoking in public places. Although I think I’d like to see smoking limited, I don’t believe this should be a constitutional amendment. No
  • Issue #5 is a law that limits smoking in most public places. Much more reasonable, but I’m still a bit skeptical as I wonder how much more government interference we need in our affairs. Undecided
  • Hamilton County has an issue on the ballot to increase the sales tax in this county from 6.5% to 6.75% so that they can build a new jail. Maybe they need to come up with some other ideas. No

If you’re reading this blog and you’re in the United States, even if you don’t agree, be sure to vote tomorrow. Take the right to vote seriously, and honor your commitment as a citizen of the US. It already seems that some of the politicians would like to take it away. Don’t let that happen. Vote.


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