To The Candidates

It’s finally Election Day.  For months now, you’ve called me on the phone, shook my hand like I’m your best friend, sent me mail, spent millions of dollars slinging lies on television, debated, kissed babies, and done all the things you people do when you’re out for a vote or two.  One of you even stooped so low as to accuse the other of mudslinging during their own mudslinging advertisement.  One of you accused your opponent of wanting to use a Taser gun on “7 year old girls”.  One of my poker buddies noted that it was 50,000 volts that were to be used here.

But now it’s my turn.  And your turn to stop.  I get to cut through  your rubbish and with all good sense and from deep inside me, vote for the person I believe to best serve.

I can only hope that maybe, just maybe, you candidates will shed your cynicism, cut the crap, and go to Columbus or Washington and do the right thing for our country, our state, and mostly for the people you are supposed to represent.

Is that naive or what?


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