A New Direction

The Democrat victories in the House, Senate, and in many state capitols will, hopefully signal a new direction for our country. Maybe the leadership in Congress will be willing to stand up and question that blind arrogance of the Executive Branch and let them know that a new direction is required.

It seems to me that a change in course is what the voters of the United States want. Although my leanings are decidedly Democrat, I don’t necessarily see the election victories as anywhere near a mandate for the Democratic Party. It’s more one of removing the failed politicians currently in Washington from their offices. It’s the voice of people all over the nation telling Bush and his cronies that “we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it!”

As a long time Republican friend of mine said, “this is a victory for the government of our forefathers.” Indeed it is; an opportunity for Congress to stand up and provide the checks and balances built into our method of governance.


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