Hell Is Real?

Drive south from Columbus, Ohio on Interstate 71. About halfway to Cincinnati, on the east side of the highway, check for the following sign out in the middle of a corn field.

Found on Interstate 71 in Ohio

Sign on Interstate 71 in Ohio

And if that thought doesn’t just shake your bones, once you get to Cincinnati, head north on Interstate 75. Brace yourself as you get to Exit 29, the Monroe Exit. Immediately after the porn shop signs and flea markets, look on the east side of the freeway for Butter Jesus. And brace yourself…

Butter Jesus in Monroe, Ohio

Although both of these are a bit much to believe for a born Jew, now UU, they are truly shocking and maybe just a bit absurd.

I know I’ve asked this question before in this blog, but what kind of religion is this???

Certainly not about peace and good works.


25 responses to “Hell Is Real?

  1. Good grief! I thought for sure that was some post-Katrina picture when I first looked at it. LOL. They have a similarly postured Jesus statue at Loyola New Orleans. They call him “Touchdown Jesus”. Still, he’s just a regular sized statue in an appropriate spot, and he came through the storm just fine. *sigh*

  2. My son reminded me that this guy might also be called Touchdown Jesus as well as Butter Jesus. I think he also suggested Field Goal Jesus or Goal Post Jesus.

  3. What kind of religion is this, you ask?

    Same old Christianity, Neal. First-century mythic imagery alive and well in the 21st century in the most powerful and scientifically-advanced country on the globe.

    I’ll stop here and let the irony sink in.

  4. Erin Rafferty

    The best part about the “Hell is Real” sign is that it’s right across the highway from an erotica superstore. I know they did it on purpose, but it’s still fantastic. I’m just curious if anyone knows the name of the store…

  5. Erin,

    I don’t believe there is any kind of adult bookstore near there, although it might be at an exit close. The sign is on the east side of I-71 in southern Ohio.

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  7. Jonny Unlimited

    It’s sad, really. I live about 10 minutes from the big ass butter statue, or as we all call him “Touchdown Jesus!”. Ironically, right down the road is a redneck-as-it-gets flea market.

    We’re still thinking about fashioning some huge paper mache breasts for him. :D.

  8. Now Jonny, that would be profane.

  9. im from columbus ohio and i attended central state university and i had to drive past these signs every time i would get on the freeway to drive home or to go back to school…i think that it is a good message but definitely not while your driving

  10. Thanks for the comments, yg. I also frequently drive between Cincinnati (my home) and Columbus. That sign certainly gets our attention, although it’s just not a message that fits into my view of the world.

    I respect and value each person’s religion and beliefs, it’s just that it gets offensive when it’s shoved on other people.

  11. Christopher Allen

    It isn’t that they are shoving it in people’s faces – it’s that they believe that it is real – as I do, and fear for those who don’t. Because once this life is over, they’ll be no convincing God to protect you if you didn’t ask him to while you’re here. It won’t matter whose opinion is what, or who offends who; what will matter is whether or not you were right. And if you’re not, then that’s it: end of hope.

  12. Christopher, that’s where we diverge. As you state, the idea of hell being real is a belief. A belief is not fact, although it certainly might be a reality for the believer. There are those of us who do not believe in hell, nor belief that a God would send anyone there.

    These are beliefs. And we all need to understand and respect that others might believe differently.

    • I understand and respect that people have different view points from mine. (By the way I believe in the Hell of the Bible) However, no matter how much I respect your right to believe different than me, if you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your risen Lord and savior you will go to Hell. There is a judgement day comming what will you tell your King you’ve ignored all your life on that day?

      • Melissa, you say you respect my right to believe different than me. You don’t when you claim that I would go to hell. That’s pretty arrogant to think that you have the only answer out there. And I don’t think that Jesus, at least the Jesus, that I read about, would have much good to say about your comments either.

  13. Hell is inconsistent with the message of Jesus. But everyone has a belief system that is consistent with their ability to understand. So, Christians vary all over the board regarding whether or not “Hell is Real.”

    Jesus tells us that God, the perfect father, loves and forgives us, as a perfect father. There are some parents who can’t forgive their children. But the love of a perfect parent is so perfect that, like the Prodigal Father, all is forgiven by the power of love. But for those who can’t quite appreciate or know perfect love, there is this persistent belief in Hell.

    • Actually, hell it is very consistent with the message of Jesus. God is the perfect father of love but we are his adopted children through the death and resurrection of his Son, Jesus Christ. Until we accept him we do not have the privilages of Children of God including eternal life. Therefore, Hell is the alternative. Also it really is not a scare tactic, the word Hell is in the Bible 56 times, The word “love” is in there 286 times. God doesn’t want us to think about Hell but love. However since he loves us he has to warn us. After all don’t we warn our children of dangers!

  14. Actually, hell IS real. I lived through it until the divorce came through.

    In all seriousness, the concept of fire and brimstone to coerce a faith by fear is folly. Hell exists in various forms right here, right now. Fortunately, so does heaven. The laughter of a baby, the comfort of being in the arms of a loved one, the satisfaction of reading a really good book, the serenity that comes only by watching the sun set over a body of water on a cloudless day, etc. Who really needs some “pie in the sky in the sweet by and by” to experience something truly good, something holy?

    As Max von Sydrow’s character said in “Hannah and Her Sisters”: “If Jesus came back and saw everything going on in his name, he’d never stop throwing up.”

  15. Pomeranianzdad, you are so right! We make our own heaven or hell right here at this time. Who’s to say what happens when our physical body dies?

    I also agree with you about Jesus. What a poor testament religion is to his teachings of peace and love.

  16. LOL! I know those signs and I know that Jesus (we call him Jebus and we all yell, “I got it! I got it! I got it!” a la a fielder when we drive past.).

    Those “Hell is Real” signs scared the scrap out of me when I was a kid, but not as much as “The End is Nigh!!!” would. I wouldn’t sleep for days after seeing one of those.

  17. It’s things like this that make me ashamed to be an Ohioan…

  18. I don’t feel ashamed to be an Ohioan, yayhooray. I’ve lived here since I was 10, although I grew up in West Virginia. And am proud to be from there.

    I don’t know that it has anything to do with the state itself, it’s just that, like most places in our country, there are people with narrow minds.

  19. there is also a “Hell is Real” sign off the Upton, KY exit.
    and it is ironic because there is an adult bookstore right off the same exit with the sign high in there air.

  20. Goal Post Jesus is not a “sign!”
    it is a HUGE statue!!!
    Other names:
    Oleo Lord

  21. Isn’t this thing outside Rod Parsley’s church? truly scary!

  22. I think I would rather have a narrow mind and follow a narrow path into heaven than to wonder my whole life never knowing; never trusting; fearful; scared; lost; wanting truth and it failing me every time (worldy “truth” had a way of doing that to me); no true peace; no joy just fleeting moments of happiness. That is where I was and since I have fully learned of Him and trusted in him. He is faithful in all things and hell hardly crosses my mind. I dont obey out of fear of hell. Honest I am not sure what exact shape hell will take. Any eternal life where God is not is hell. I could be in Hawii for all eternity but without Him might as well be burning. I obey because through this I get to know him more and grow in his love. If you don’t know it, you don’t know it. I can’t compare it to any earthly love. I truley fell sorry for those who dont believe. Not becaue they will go to hell but because the will never feel that.

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