Weather Talk

My family is up about 6am every day, and invaribly the TV is turned on to generate noise and confusion. Tuned to WLWT Channel 5, we’re able to get brief nuggets of news about the latest auto accidents and murders, camera shots of police tape around a crime zone, live reports by talking heads in front of the county jail, traffic reports every 3 minutes or so (yes, it runs smoothly at 6am, thank you), and the occasional baseball or footbal score from our local teams.

But it’s the weather that’s most valuable. Not only can I discover that it’s raining outside my window, but I also get the opportunity to learn the latest hip jargon going on in the Weather World.

Here’s what I mean:

  • In Cincinnati it doesn’t rain or snow, we have a rain event or a snow event. And if it’s really going to snow, we’ll have a major snow event. Which, given the way people drive here, will certainly create a major traffic event.
  • When it’s really going to get cold here, no, it’s not an Alberta Clipper coming our way. We’ll be having a major cold intrusion. (I swear that’s what he said this morning. Not in my wildest dreams could I make that one up.)

Today, however, we can expect partly cloudy skies with highs in the 50s and no rain or snow events. Traffic is running smoothly, even through The Cut in the Hill. And I was relieved to come to find out that there will be no major cold intrusions for the next week or so.

You’re welcome to use the comments section below to add your very own jargon from the Weather World to our collection. Being the open-minded person I am, you’re not restricted to the Weather World jargon. News, Traffic, and Sports are also welcome.

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming…


3 responses to “Weather Talk

  1. I am a complete weather geek and I love weather-speak (a/k/a meteorologist-speak). I don’t know where it started, but think it was probably from spending so many years being the one who had to decide if we were gonna play ball or shut down the park for a big Little League program and evolved (or devolved, depending on one’s perspective) when first one and then another of my sons moved into hurricane zones. I could go on and on about it all but it’ll get my blood pressure up, so I won’t. 😉 Peace.

  2. But is using terms like “rain event” or the more obscure “major cold incursion” weather-speak or just some baloney made up to make these talking heads sound like they know something?

    What about “it’s going to rain” or “it’s going to be really cold”? Something real people can understand.

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