Christmas Shopping and Pregnant Barbie

I hate shopping, especially this time of year because I really don’t have a clue about what to get people. Heck, I don’t even go into stores enough to know what they have. Maybe that’s going a bit far, I mean I do know that book stores carry books, you can usually find music in a music store, and there just might be a pair of slacks for me in a department store. And on occasion, I can find the screw or nut that I need (take it however you like) at the hardware store.

Actually, if I knew what to get people, I’d do it online. Let my mouse “do the walking.” But the same rules apply, you have to know what you want to get them. Or can you google “find me the gift for the person who never likes anything I get them?”

You know what’s coming! I actually did google that term, and here’s what came up: A lightning umbrella. Press the button and it twinkles. $55. Now that’s something that everyone on my list needs.

So I hopped in my Miata on a quest, at least for a couple items that I knew I wanted to get. I usually get my brother a gift certificate for a restaurant, so that he and his wife can enjoy a night out. Since they live out of town, the candidate was a chain type eatery. Olive Garden was suggested and off I went. Until I found that their gift certificates start losing their value after two years. They take $1.50 off the balance every month after two years. I’m not going to go for that scam, so the card remained on their bar. I called my Mom on the cell phone and she suggested Red Lobster. It’s just down the road and I’m encouraged. Once again I ask about the card expiring and they tell me it doesn’t, but the fine print on the back of the card tells me differently. After talking to the restaurant manager who assures me they have ceased this practice, I’m sold, or is it simply worn down.

Off to the toy store to find a gift for my 5, almost 6 year-old most beautiful niece. My wife has suggested Barbie, and since my niece is Vietnamese, she suggests getting the Asian version. No such luck. They have plenty of Pregnant Barbie, but I really don’t find this quite appropriate at least for my niece. Call me a prude or naive, but I’m a bit appalled by the concept of Pregnant Barbie anyhow, but let’s leave that for another time.

I ended up getting my niece a Deluxe Spirograph, probably a much better choice anyhow.

Borders Books was my last stop, and a good one at that. A gift certificate for my nephew (theirs don’t expire and they label them that way), a coffee for me. Wander a bit, grab a few books to read, chill. Enough for one night. Except that I still cannot understand why anyone would buy Pregnant Barbie for their child.


3 responses to “Christmas Shopping and Pregnant Barbie

  1. Now, one of the really important aspects of Barbie is that she cannot be married. She can have a wedding gown, but no “Wife Barbie” is supposed to ever exist. It was the very strict order of Ruth Handler, who invented Barbie so that girls could pretned to be something other than a wife and mother. Besides, I don’t think Barbie will make a good mom. She’s too Brittney.

  2. Paula doesn’t think that “Barbie will make a good mom.” Well the reality of Pregnant Barbie is that within the next few months, at least in doll time, she is going to be a mother. Like it or not.

    Is this the kind of toy a daughter (or son) should be playing with?

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