The Sunset of 2006

The year commonly known as 2006 is winding down to its last few hours. What do you feel as you imagine that orange globe that might represent this year begin to slip below the horizon? Relief that you can close that door and open another, thank goodness? Feeling blessed that you made it through another year? Sad? Remorseful? Joyful?

On Sunday night the door will close on the year 2006. And then another will open as we pass into the new year. Closure, then opportunity. Hope.

It’s not Sunday yet. There is still time to start the work or mend the fences. Prepare for the light of the new year.

You think I’m preaching? Maybe so.

If I am, then I hope I’m preaching to the choir. And from the back row, where people with deep voices like mine sit, I’m singing as loud and joyfully as I can. Because it might do me good to hear what I have to say.

I know where I’ll be as that orange orb drops below the horizon and into the ocean on the last sunset of 2006. I’ll be standing on a beach along the Gulf Coast of Florida looking westward, quietly watching our sun slip beneath the water. And meditating. And maybe offering a little prayer of hope or a prayer of gratitude for the journey that has been this year.

Happy New Year…a few days early.


2 responses to “The Sunset of 2006

  1. Happy New Year, Neal! I’m worried you might be watching the sun set in the rain. Enjoy your vacation and Happy New Year!

  2. Well rain might certainly spoil any sunset, Sophmom, but what I’m seeing in the weather is 80’s and mostly sunny. I’m so looking forward to that sunset on the beach, on the last day of the year.

    All I can say is, check back as the photos of that sunset will be the key to a upcoming story.

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