Welcome to 2007

A warm breeze blows into my face as I sit on the public beach in Englewood, Florida. The sky darkens and the wisps of clouds become orange on this last day of 2006. Families gather their belongings to head back to their cars and homes. There are a few children still digging in the sand or splashing in the gentle waves of The Gulf. Many have gathered to join in celebrating the final sunset of the year.

At sunset on the beach, I can always feel the change in energy as nature quiets for the night. It was no different this sunset, watching gulls scavenge for food in the sand while birds dove for fish in the shallow gulf water.

What a year it was. I began last year on the same beach, hoping to find some quiet in my soul after the pain of my father’s death that December. I was in need of respite and able to find it in this small Florida town. My grief turned to acceptance and fewer tears fell as the hope of spring arrived. In the end, 2006 was a good year, and another milestone on this journey we call our life.


The Last Sunset of 2006

The Last Sunset of 2006


As the sky faded from its gold and orange hues, the brightly glowing moon rose in the east on this first night of 2007.



One response to “Welcome to 2007

  1. You were right! It looks like it was a beauty!

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