Wireless Beaches

Winter is in full swing in the northern hemisphere, although where I come from in Ohio, we’ve yet to see much snow.  Regardless, it’s time to think about packing your bags and heading to warmer climates where you can catch some rays and work on your tan.  And most of us anymore don’t forget to pack our laptops along with our swim trunks and sunglasses when we head to the sun.

As a public service to those heading for the surf and sand, I post the following link to a Wired Magazine article “Where to Catch Some WiFi Waves.” Included are some major beaches in the US, including one clothing optional location where you can be topless, bottomless, and wireless.

Of course, this begs the question:  Why?

Beyond the potential harm of water and sand to the laptop computer, I go to the beach to get away from all things computer.  I enjoy the warm breeze in my face, long walks in the sand and waves, and reading a novel to escape the day to day rigor of the technology world.  Other than for music, for which I can use my iPod, that is one place I really don’t want to be wireless.

OK. To be completely forthcoming and honest,  I must reveal that this article is being written from Englewood, Florida, where I came to “get away from it all” while visiting a friend.  I did bring my laptop and yes, I do have a WiFi connection thanks to the generosity of my neighbor, who allows me to share hers.  I solemnly promise however, that I will never ever take this laptop to the beach.


2 responses to “Wireless Beaches

  1. I love Wired. My, you’re having a looonnng vacation! Good for you! I want my wireless in my hotel room overlooking the beach, not “on” the beach itself! 😮

  2. Wireless in my hotel room or where I’m staying is a good thing. Having it on the beach doesn’t make much sense. I’d rather relax and enjoy the warm breezes, water and sand.

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