Warm Breezes

I’m not at a wireless beach, but I am using the free wi-fi at Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport. In 50 minutes, I leave the warm breezes and blue skies of the Florida Gulf Coast for the gray Ohio winter.  (By the way, SRQ is a great airport; easy in and out, 3 minutes through security, uncrowded gates, and free wi-fi.)

What a relaxing week it has been. I got the opportunity to spend New Year’s with my best friend John. He is so fortunate to have a house in Englewood, Florida and so generous in allowing me to use it at my leisure. Within hours of my arrival I was able to lighten the load and let the breeze and sun wash away my stress and the wear and tear of a long and busy year.

I had a week of little responsibility other than taking care of John’s house and a lot of time to myself. For once in a long time I did nothing. Not that there is all that much to do in Charlotte County, Florida anyhow. The county is rural with lots of parks, beaches and beautiful country. The towns are small, with little traffic and limited development. Just the place to visit to get away from it all.

But I must leave and head home to my family and my work. I bring home a more relaxed self, lots of smiles, and some memories of quiet times. Tomorrow it’s back to work.

Before I depart, one last memory, captured in the following photos of a golden sunset on my last night in Florida.



One response to “Warm Breezes

  1. Hope you had a great trip home, darlin’. Nice pics.

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