All Eyes

My family leaves early for school, so often the television is on before and after they leave. Normally, I wouldn’t turn it on, but there it is. The Today Show, that bastion of quality interviewing and incisive news reports, opens with their usual teasers. Today, on Today, I hear another one of those phrases that just grates on me: “…and all eyes are on Hollywood, as…”

All eyes are on???

I don’t think so. Mine are certainly not going to be on Hollywood. So that statement is rather incorrect.

Besides, who cares?

If the most important thing that people have to consider or have “all their eyes on” is Hollywood, than something is very much amiss.

I was just thinking. I wonder if they said “…and today all eyes are on Brittany Spears as she gets out of a limosine without underware…”

I couldn’t resist. Enough. As a colleague of mine says, “Get back to work!”


One response to “All Eyes

  1. My eyes aren’t on Hollywood either. Real life keeps me busy enough!

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