Beer Can Appreciation Day

As I was surfing through the blogosphere, I can across this blog article about Beer Can Appreciation Day. Boy! The things I miss when working on a FileMaker software project all day. My head must have been in the sand to forget such a significant holiday. They even have a card for it, so it goes along with all those other faux holidays.

But…but…it’s never too late to celebrate! I’m going to get my duaghter on the way home and then pop open one of them fine aluminum cans of cold brewski. And if I didn’t have tennis practice tonight, I’d probably pop another one. But wait! Practice is only for an hour. Plenty of time afterwards. After I empty all those cans, I’ll do my part to make the word a better place by tossing them over the hood of my wife’s gas hogging, garage crowding mini van into that bright red recycle bin.

While we’re on the topic of beer, would you be interested in a list of my favorite selections? Well thanks, I knew that you would, so I’ve listed a few below, in no particular order. Actually they are in some particular order: like this article, the order is the list flowing from my mind to my fingers. Cosmic, eh?

Selected Brews (in cosmic order):

  • Iron City (Pittsburgh)
  • Rolling Rock
  • Pabst Blue Ribbon
  • Christina Moerlein
  • Gennessee Cream Ale
  • Ice House
  • Anchor Steam (San Francisco)
  • Great Lakes Burning River Red (Cleveland)
  • Barrel House Redleg Ale (Cincinnati)

The astute observer will notice that the list might grow over the next day or so as I carefully consider what I’ve posted. And should that astute observer not especially like my list, feel more than welcome to click the Comment button below and add your own note.

One final note.  Beer Can Appreciation Day is waning down to its final celebratory minutes.  I can honestly state that I have done at least my fair share of appreciating beer cans on this fine holiday.  And, when it’s all said and done, I would have to say that my favorite beer can is an empty one, because I’ve just poured that foamy liquid into my favorite River Downs Cradle Stakes commemorative glass beer mug.


One response to “Beer Can Appreciation Day

  1. Oooo… I missed this one. I like beer in the ice cold bottle in which it comes. 🙂

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