The Terra Bite Lounge

The Terra Bite Lounge is a coffee bar and deli located in Kirkland, Washington. I had to locate Kirkland on a map and it is apparently between Redmond and Seattle.   But I digress…

According to their web site, at the Terra Bite Lounge…

Patrons choose what to pay, and are encouraged to pay what they would elsewhere. You may use this as a convenience feature, e.g. get your daily coffee and drop in a $20 at the end of the week.

In other words, there is apparently no cash register, credit card machine, or cashier waiting to take your money for their coffee and food.  People simply pay what they feel it should be and drop it into a box.

I discovered the Terra Bite Lounge through another blog called Web Worker Daily where those folks have an article that goes into more detail about this rather unique business model.

How refreshing!  I hope they succeed.  In an environment where, for the most part, the customer is assumed to be a criminal, this is a great leap forward.  By the way, if you don’t believe me about the customer being a criminal, just walk into any Best Buy, Sam’s Club, or any store in any mall.

In this case, the Terra Bite Lounge expects and assumes that their customers are honest and will pay fairly for their products.  I’m sure there are some that will take advanage of the “free ride”, but hopefully goodwill might prevail.

I’m surprised how many times people will rise, or sink to the level of expectation.  When we expect people to be of goodwill, and radiate that karma ourselves, people respond.

I wish the folks at the Terra Bite Lounge a lot of success.  It seems that they are doing their part to positively add to their community.


One response to “The Terra Bite Lounge

  1. I remember reading about a study in New York. In certain sections of the subway, the turnstiles were unattended. In others, the turnstiles were heavily monitored. People were very consistent about using tokens in unattended turnstiles, whereas they were far more likely to try to jump the monitored ones. Interesting…

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