What’s Going On?

Talk to me, and you will see
What’s going on, what’s going on

–Marvin Gaye

  • How is it that we can send billions upon billions of dollars over to Baghdad, yet we cannot feed our own children? Or adults? Or educate our citizens? Or even provide our soldiers in Iraq with adequate protection?
  • Why is it that this No Childen Left Behind “educational” program leaves so many of our children behind? Or have I answered my own question in the first item?
  • Why is it that this blonde bimbo (excuse my impertinence) Anna Marie, Anna Nicole or whatever her name is, splattered all over the TV screen? I had never heard of her before, and what in the world has she ever done for humanity?
  • And while all of television splatters Anna Whatever all over the screen, little or no mention of made of the fact that February 12 is Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, a day we used to celebrate before the advent of President’s Day.
  • Between the two, Anna Whatever and Abraham Lincoln, who do you think would be the better role model for people to see? If you had to think real hard about that one, this blog may be a bit beyond you. Please read the title again.
  • Finally, while we’re still on this topic, whose life do you know more about now?
  • Should I check “humor” as a tag for this article? Or “sadness”?

3 responses to “What’s Going On?

  1. I asked several people what made this woman famous. They kept saying she was famous for being famous.


  2. Hmmmm…. First she was famous for being a Playboy Playmate of the Year. Then she was famous for marrying a very old and very rich man who died not too long after that. Then she was famous because his grown son fought her getting any inheritance (I mean really, really fought, ’til his death). Then she was famous for fighting for the money all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, and winning (although she never saw a dime of it). In between all that somewhere, she was famous for having a reality tv show on which she was clearly addicted to prescription drugs. Gosh. How did y’all miss all that?

    As for Lincoln. The thing that I think is perhaps most interesting about him is that he clearly wouldn’t be elected today, as he was depressive (GASP! MENTAL ILLNESS?). Heaven forbid we have serious, introspective people in the land’s highest office.

  3. Sophmom ponders who we missed all about Anna Whatever. A better question might be: Who cares?

    I suppose you’re right about Lincoln not getting elected because he may have been “depressive”. Although we can have an idiot loose in the White House, we can’t have someone with any smarts at all.

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