In the Inbox

Here’s a few examples of the fine email I’ve received over the past few weeks. Do note the ever enticing subjects and the quality products sold therein. I apologize in advance if these seem redundant because you’ve received the same ones.

  • In no sandalwood from Victoria Winkler. Victoria has a hot stock just for me.
  • Are structural from reach. reach writes “there is that which is prior” and much, much more. Good stuff. Very Zen.
  • On by premptor by Lilly Trevino. Lilly rails on about “famous revolution of Sweden, when Christian the or epithets denoting intimacy”. I learned something here as I didn’t know Sweden even had a revolution. Thanks, Lilly.
  • Is cyclotron or prarie from Tammy Wilkerson. A whole bunch of paragraphs but I couldn’t find anything there about cyclotrons in the prarie. Maybe it was in another language? Klingon?
  • Here’s one. is battery from my dear friend prepare. prepare writes “Yet when one of the two contraries is a constitutive establish him in the contrary state, provided he is not hindered by disposition has itself become inveterate and almost impossible to To sum up, it is a distinctive mark of substance, that, while” Did you get all that?
  • I’m a consultant, so I thought that maybe Coralie Dean was asking me about something in his/her/its email headed Can You Explain This. The question is “Why, you see, during he has a good scrub thought alert understanding with th box polish soak” If you know the answer, would you mind posting it in comments. Thank you.
  • Be no erwin from good old Hillary Myers. Another hot stock tip for me. Pump and dump, dear Hillary?
  • And then there was an important missive URGENT REPLY NEEDED from Barrister Fredrick Agbaje, a Nigerian attorney who represents John Slaughter, a “nationality of your country”. The esteemed Barrister goes on to say that since our last names are the same that “we can get this money before they get it confiscated or declared unserviceable by the bank.” Wow! Money! From Nigeria!
  • From carmen. Subject: Obtain degrees from Perstigious non-accredited Universities. Apparently carmen never got that degree, as it seems she/he can’t even spell correctly. Or else he/she forgot how to use their spell-checker. Carmen does assure me that they are “genuine degrees” though.
  • No tulip the minimal is from Adam Laird.
  • Earn 100% per 3 days posted by Rupert Daily. Rupert writes “Think set at nought the simplicity of the gospel, and accounted the goats on his left” Goats? I think not, Rupert. I live in the suburbs of Cincinnati and don’t have any room in the backyard. But thanks anyhow.
  • And finally, Shane Myers writes about Sea lion misses water, ends up on dairy farm Video. Shane would also like to talk to me about stock, but this time in the “peennnyy stock arena”. Now I’ve used a word similar to that as slang for the male genitals, but I didn’t know they had an arena for that sort of thing. I learn something new every day. Thanks, Shane.

Well that’s a few of the more recent ones. In the next few days I’ll report back on the other 255 that I found in my spam filter. I know that somewhere in there one of my dear friends or colleagues knows that I need some sort of enlargement or medication to improve my performance after receiving that enlargement.


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