While reading another blog, I came across the web site detailing casualties from the war on Iraq. The numbers:

  • US fatalities: 3150
  • US wounded: 23,417

Ohio gave their “fair share” of young people losing 138, while West Virginia gave 18 of their finest sons and daughters. You can find your state here.

And the slaughter of Iraqi people also continues. Daily.

When does the killing stop? Let’s bring our troops home and now!

Meanwhile television keeps gushing forth on Anna Whatever.


2 responses to “3150

  1. I saw a piece recently about how almost 50% of the US soldiers who have died in Iraq come from towns with populations less than 25,000 (I think I’m gettting that right), and the impact their loss has on these communities. It was very interesting.

    It’s off the subject, but did you see Huntington High play St. Patrick’s last night on ESPN by any chance? I graduated in the HHS class of ’71 (before the merger with Huntington East). Still, it was cool to watch. They were playing on the Marshall court (I guess they’ve probably built a new “field house” since I left). Still way cool. They lost by two in OT. *sigh*

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