Spring is Coming

About this time of year, winter seems to drag on. The sky remains gray and cloudy, the air damp and chilly. I’m reminded of the old Eagles tune, Desperado, where “the sky won’t snow and the sun don’t shine…”

Amidst all the chill, comes the hope of spring. We get teased by a sunny day with warmer temperatures, tempting those of us with convertibles and a proclivity for wearing shorts and t-shirts. Away with the heavy winter coats and out with the spring jacket, only to discover, as I did yesterday, that it just wasn’t as warm as I thought. More chill.

I love the Spring! There’s a heady lightness to the air, and the vibrant energy of new growth everywhere. After two seasons of brown and gray, there’s a bursting of green. Soon will come the day when I can put the top down on the Miata and feel the warmth of the sun and my face.

Every year, I mark the coming of warm weather with events, many of which are reminders of the good times to come in the upcoming months. Pitchers and catchers report and spring training begins…Marty and Joe on the radio (Reds baseball announcers)…NCAA basketball tournament and the ensuing brackets pools…the Road to the Roses season begins in earnest. I know that spring is here for real by Opening Day (for the Reds, a big day here in Cincinnati) and then soon after, Keeneland opens for its Spring meet. By the middle of the month, River Downs is open where I can now sit outside and watch my favorite athletes race on a warm sunny day. Soon after, we’ll take the dark cover off our swimming pool and be able to see the clear blue water beneath.

And this spring will be a very special one, as my oldest son, Joshua, graduates from high school, opening a new door to a bright future.

Where did the time go?


3 responses to “Spring is Coming

  1. Yes, Springtime is glorious. Is it so wonderful because it is preceded by dormant conditions? Absolutely! Or maybe not.It is, afterall, grand in its own right.

    I have had the top down a few times now…..man, one lil ride and it seems to make everything else take back seat. Maybe that is why there is no back seat?

    Anyway, how wonderful your life must be, Neal, that you can relate it to the music of such a remarkable band as the EAGLES.

    But, then again, Don Henley is in California, and I don’t really think they have a ‘Spring” as you know it.
    Been there, done that………………..

    “Where did the time go?”. Well, it just goes…and goes. Time is fleeting and I ‘spose it is how you spend it that counts. Cause time spent is memories that don’t ‘go’. An Eagles fan knows that.

  2. Music has always been a part of my life, especially popular music. I’ve often been able to sing when times are hard, and use the words to express my darkness and joy.

    In the past couple years, I’ve rekindled that joy by singing in a church choir and another local group. Music very much fills my soul.

  3. Familiar sentiments, beautifully expressed. My youngest is a senior too, although the oldest seems to have moved home (although to his own place) just before the youngest heads off. It has an interesting symmetry to it.

    “People ask me what I do in winter when there’s no baseball. I’ll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring.” Rogers Hornsby

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