Slang of the Day

The Urban Dictionary is a web site dedicated to the compilation of slang. Like Wikipedia, anyone can add their own language to the dictionary, where it is rated by others reading the pages.

Here are a few of the entries I found:

Ear Spray.
Overflow sounds from someone listening to their ipod too loud, possibly first coined by an NPR editorial.
Sitting on the train for four hours with ear spray on me from the raging 15 year old brittany fan, what fun.

Dining al desko.
To eat lunch at your desk.
A: Are you coming to the canteen for lunch?
B: No, I’m afraid I’m dining al desko today.

People who join a gym after the New Year, only to quit going within 3 months.
I couldn’t find a free treadmill, the place was crawling with resolutionarys.

verb. To repackage or rewrap a gift one receives and give it to someone else.
Elaine gave Tim a label-maker for Christmas — and he re-gifted it to Jerry!

Fly naked.
To fly somewhere with the bare-minimum of belongings, and purchase the rest where you are.

Professional celebrity.
A famous person who has no discernable talent other than being famous.
Anna Nicole Whatever and Paris Hilton were/are professional celebrities.

Connectile dysfunction.
The inability to gain or maintain an internet connection.
The inability to print, email, or get to the internet.
Yesterday I took my laptop with me to visit a client and was unable to access their website because of connectile dysfunction.

New Ageist
1. Used to describe individuals who discriminate against others who are not overly focused on self improvement.
2. The act of looking down on people who do not practice yoga, eat organic, and believe in energy fields.
A bunch of us were going to a steak house for drinks and dinner, until we discovered Mary was new ageist and started ranting about how unhealthy we are because we love big, red juicy hunks of meat.


3 responses to “Slang of the Day

  1. I love “fly naked”! I must do that one day. Excellent list.

  2. Ummm, Sophmom, do you think they’d let you on the plane if you decided to “fly naked”? Or were you planning to change in the bathroom?

    Oh! You meant using the slang.

    Never mind.

  3. Connectile dysfunction….that describes my last computer perfectly!

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