In Times Like These

Tonight, Voices of Freedom, a choir I sing with gave its last performance of our “season” at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. The occasion was a celebration of International Women’s Day and we were privileged to share the podium with MUSE, a women’s chorus and several speakers discussing peace and justice.

Although the discussion was obviously addressing women, so many of the issues are absolutely relevant to men. Violence and war were on the minds of several speakers. Violence in our streets kills and maims all people, making our communities hostile places to live and raise a family. Women and children are often innocent victims in times of war, while our men and boys come home wounded, maimed, incapacitated, or worse yet, in a body bag to the families who loved and needed them.

The talk was of women joining hands to bring peace to the world. Violence and warfare kill humanity, regardless of gender. Peace helps us all!

The songs of MUSE and our Voices of Freedom chorus, nourished my soul, while the talks stimulated my mind.

I’ll end with the words of Mavis Staples from In Times Like These, out of our repertoire.

In times like these we have to be strong, we have to carry on
We have to get along, hold on, and right what’s wrong
In times like these, we need to find a way, to make a better day
Keep our feet on the ground, turnin’ round, come what may


4 responses to “In Times Like These

  1. I’m grateful for the note you posted on my blog about sexism hurting men, and I’m grateful for your words here about violence and war and your concert groups. Thanks for doing what you do.

  2. Elizabeth, you are welcome. Many forget how much gender stereotype detrimentally affects us all.

    Your blog adds a thoughtful yet different perspective to gender issues and sexuality and is well worth reading.

  3. It’s a nice idea, but I don’t believe that women are inherently more peaceful and non-violent than men.

  4. Libertine, I don’t know that women are inherently more peaceful and non-violent than men either. It’s just that this was a women’s conference and the talk was of peace and non-violence. Whenever peace and non-violence is the talk and action, all humanity is the beneficiary.

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