Ole ’55

I had moved back to Ohio after a couple years of graduate school at West Virginia University, taking my first professional job in Coshocton, Ohio. As my girlfriend of the time was still working on her degree, I used to head to Morgantown immediately after work on Friday, and return from West Virginia just in time to make it to work on Monday morning.

That meant a pre-dawn departure from the comfort of my girlfriend’s warm bed through the hills of West Virginia to Interstate Route 70 going west into eastern Ohio. There was no time to tarry nor change clothing when I reached home, if I were going to make it to work on time.

After an early start one morning, driving down the freeway, reminiscing about my pleasant weekend, with the sky brightening behind me in the east, my story of the moment was being sung by The Eagles on the radio of my red Plymouth Arrow.

Six in the morning, gave me no warnin’
I had to be on my way
Now the cars are all passin’ me,
Trucks are all flashin’ me
I’m headed home from your place

And now the sun’s comin’ up
I’m ridin’ with Lady Luck
Freeway cars and trucks

Stars beginning to fade, and I lead the parade
Just a wishin’ I’d stayed a little longer
Lord, don’t you know, the feelin’s gettin’ stronger

— Ole ’55 by The Eagles (written by Tom Waits)


One response to “Ole ’55

  1. I, too, treasure our recollection that West Virginia morning!

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