Writing About Nothing

I haven’t had a lot to say recently, at least in written topics for this blog. My focus has been elsewhere, with lots of things going on at home and at work. And between tennis a couple times a week, spending a few spare moments with my wife, and watching the endless array of college basketball games on the past weeks, I’ve not taken the time.

But let’s just make a list of items worth noting:

  • A few days ago, I was pretty well “blessed out” by a client who claimed I had not added some requested features to their FileMaker solution. I haven’t heard from them since I sent them screen shots of those particular features-previously completed and working-a couple hours after their tirade. As I wrote this I was giggling, thinking about adding a hyperlink to their web site. Nah!
  • Normally, I don’t run into issues like the one mentioned above, as I get along quite well with most of my clients. I pride myself in understanding that “it’s the relationship, stupid”, to paraphrase a President of the US.
  • I’m doing pretty decently in the one NCAA Tournament pool I entered. I had 27 of 32 first round and 7 of 8 down to the Elite 8. As of this writing, my picks of Florida and Ohio State are in the Final Four, with Georgetown still playing UNC in the first half. Kansas is out. Sorry Bari and Martha, friends of mine who have been known to wear Jayhawk clothing to church on game days.
  • Note: Georgetown took charge in OT, winning by 12. This sets up Ohio State vs. Georgetown next Saturday at 6pm.  Three of four for this boy!
  • Our family is waiting for my son’s college selections to respond. We’re still waiting to hear from two of the four to make a decision. Josh is probably calmer about it than we are, any day.
  • Meanwhile, Josh also retains top spot in the Anderson High School Class of 2007. If only he can maintain through AP English, not his strong suit. Once again, Josh is much more calm about his class rank than Mom or Dad. His thoughts: “In 3 or 4 days after graduation, who’s going to remember the name of the #1 student anyhow?” Good point.
  • Spring has come full force to the southwestern corner of Ohio, with days of 70F and lots of sun. Needless to say, the top is down on the Miata more often than not, and shorts and a t-shirt of the uniform of the day. And I can wear them to work, since I make the dress code.

One response to “Writing About Nothing

  1. Me too! Kansas was the only one I missed! I’m leading my pool. Heh heh. I have Georgetown to win it all. Mainly I got so many points for picking VCU to beat Duke, I’ve been hard to catch since then.

    Hearty congrats on your son’s class rank! Well done. Nobody needs *those* clients. I’ve been sort of off on my posting too.


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