The Derby for $89,000

Imagine yourself at the Kentucky Derby on the First Saturday in May, which happens to be May 5, 2007. You hold four tickets to a two-story high roller box with over 50 LCD screens at Churchill Downs on Derby Day. In your hand is one of four $1,000 mint juleps exclusively created by the good folks at Churchill Downs for this year’s Kentucky Derby. And as you smugly sip the smooth and sweet beverage, you know that you are drinking one of only 133 thousand-dollar mint juleps made that day. Such satisfaction that only the American dollar can buy.

This part is cool, however, and oh, so tempting. As a part of the package you get to hang out with the Kentucky Derby contenders and walk over to the paddock from the backside with the horses and their connections.

Add accomodations at a “premier hotel” in downtown Louisville for three nights, along with a limo ride to the track on Derby Day and you get something going on.

Sound good? Got a spare $89,000 in chump change? And a Sam’s Club membership? If so, click here to go to the Sam’s Club web site to purchase this “once in a lifetime Ultimate Kentucky Derby Package“.

Oh, and while you’re waiting for the race to start, would you mind putting down a couple bucks on Great Hunter to win for me?


One response to “The Derby for $89,000

  1. Neal,
    Thanks much for stopping by Turf Luck. How nice to meet another fan of the “Nancy & Mark Show” from Mountaineer. If you’re ever at a loss for a topic, I for one would be interested in any memories you might have of Mountaineer’s former persona, Waterford Park. Rumor has it that airplanes used to land in the infield. Now, of course, that might disturb the slots players!

    Quinella Queen

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