Kettle Corn

For the six of you that have read every article in my blog, I thank you.  You will note, however, that few of my posts, if any, are about food.  We could get into all sort of cosmic discussions here about food and its position in the overall cosmic scheme of things, but we won’t.

Instead, let’s talk about kettle corn.  In the whole scheme of things, kettle corn is heavenly.  Popcorn.  “Slightly Sweet. Slightly Salty”, to quote the good folks at Sweet Maize Company of Morrow, Ohio.  Which just happens to be a few miles north of Cincinnati.

I’ve Googled them, and they don’t seem to have a web site. What’s up with that?  So every time I go to Dayton, I make sure that I stop at Dorothy Lane Market and grab a few bags of this wonderful stuff.

Once again, for the six of you that read my blog daily, I thank you.  And you also know that I certainly not in the business of pushing stuff of any sort.  Regardless, if you can find this popcorn, buy it.  It’s worth the trip of whatever distance to buy some of this popcorn.

So now it’s time for you to post your comments and suggestions.  If you’ve run across the good stuff, then post it here.  There’s a comments button here somewhere.


One response to “Kettle Corn

  1. Oh goody. I found this blog via a Google search for Sweet Maize. We found it at Jungle Jim’s on our way to Indiana for a camping trip and loved it. We’ve never had already-prepared kettle corn taste so much like what you get at festivals until we tried this brand. We live near Dayton and get to Dorothy Lane about once a month. I will have to check and see if they still carry it.

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