In that interesting but often sensational blog, The Consumerist, there is a recent post about a $5 September 11 Security Fee that is charged to airline passengers in the US.

To get the facts straight, according to the US Department of Transportation, the fee is $2.50 for each “enplanement from a US airport to help pay for the Federal government’s costs of providing aviation security services.”

My questions.

  • Do you feel more secure in an airport or on a plane as a result of these fees?
  • Do you think our airlines are more secure since September 11?
  • Do you believe our country is more secure now?

My answers.

  • No
  • Not really
  • Absolutely not. Our country is more at risk as a result of our “war on terror”.

Bush and his buddies have done much to make our country less safe through their arrogance and dishonesty in dealings with other nations.  Instead of making peace and friendship, he and his ilk have used threats of violence, not unlike the American street gangs, to get people to bend to their will.  Only when our government starts making peace and building bridges will our country truly be safe.


2 responses to “Secure?

  1. Ain’t it the truth. Nothing like taking one of the few places in the Middle East where bin Laden’s ilk were not welcome (Iraq) and turning it onto his #1 recruiting tool.

  2. I so love the way The Capt. writes “War On Terror [sic]”.

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