The Jewish Buddhist

Sayings of the Jewish Buddhist

If there is no self,
whose arthritis is this?

Be here now.
Be someplace else later.
Is that so complicated?

Drink tea and nourish life;
with the first sip, joy;
with the second sip, satisfaction;
with the third sip, peace;
with the fourth, a Danish.

Wherever you go, there you are.
Your luggage is another story.

Accept misfortune as a blessing.
Do not wish for perfect health,
or a life without problems.
What would you talk about?

The journey of a thousand miles
begins with a single Oy.

There is no escaping karma.
In a previous life,
you never called,
you never wrote,
you never visited.
And whose fault was that?

Zen is not easy.
It takes effort
to attain nothingness.
And then what do you have?

The Tao does not speak.
The Tao does not blame.
The Tao does not take sides.
The Tao has no expectations.
The Tao demands nothing of others.
The Tao is not Jewish.

Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Forget this
and attaining Enlightenment
will be the least of your problems.

Let your mind be as a floating cloud.
Let your stillness be as a wooded glen.
And sit up straight.
You’ll never meet the Buddha
with such rounded shoulders.

Deep inside you are ten thousand flowers.
Each flower blossoms ten thousand times.
Each blossom has ten thousand petals.
You might want to see a specialist.

Be aware of your body.
Be aware of your perceptions.
Keep in mind that not every physical sensation
is a symptom of a terminal illness.

The Torah says,
Love your neighbor as yourself.
The Buddha says,
There is no self.
So, maybe we’re off the hook.


6 responses to “The Jewish Buddhist

  1. I assume the Jewish Buddhist attends a UU church, where he can pick up a side order of humanist.

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  3. Hey Neal,
    Know of any groups in DC – where “Jewddhists” get together, prayer, etc?

  4. Not necessary to contemplate existence.
    It is neither understood nor comprehended.
    The energy radiates from the rock, from the water….
    it becomes apparent that life dwells within…
    find yourself wanting to understand a deeper meaning to this notion…..
    you find the meaning of all eternity…………

  5. Must all mankind seek?
    Why is it a must that existence become knowledgeable to man?
    Is it not enough that the crow cries in sunlight and the pinetree sways?
    Mankind is only minimal to the spectacular creatures and plantlife that inhabits this planet.
    There should be no need to ponder why am I here?
    The very fact that you have been given the knowledge to decifer is enough.
    Rest in this knowledge.

  6. Does anyone know of any groups in Austin, TX? If so, please email me at

    Thank you so much and much gratitude!

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