Three Horse Racing Videos

I’m a horse racing fan. I’ve been attracted to “the ponies” since my first visit to Waterford Park (now Mountaineer Race Track) just outside of Chester, WV. I was 17 at the time. I still enjoy watching the races, the atmosphere of the track, and the challenge of picking winners; an occurrence that happens with little frequency.

Recently horse racing has fallen on hard times, much of it due to the lack of innovation in the industry, as well as its failure to keep up with its competition. That’s regrettable, because a day at the race track is a pleasant and refreshing experience.

Below are two videos that I’ve run across in the last couple days that reflect the atmosphere and current state of horse racing.

The first is by a Washington Post journalist done at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore.



The Big A covers winter racing at Aqueduct Race Track outside of New York City. This little video captures the mood of the cold winter days at the track.



The third one, from The Boston Globe features a day at Suffolk Downs, near Boston.

Suffolk Downs: A Day at the Races


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