The McChump Racing Tour

For a good number of years, I’ve been a member of a horse racing email list called The Derby List. The membership is a curmudgeonly crew of men and women, some of whom are in the horse racing business, some are handicappers, professional or otherwise, some own race horses, while others like myself are quite amateur racing fans.

One of the more vocal and literate members is a guy by the name of Terry Bjork. Terry is a rather bright guy who can often be found near the beer stand at the currently running Chicago race track. You’ll recognize him instantly carrying his cheap beer and by the stack of losing tickets on the floor at his feet.

In addition to his wit, astute handicapping, and skill at irritating many Derby List members, Terry is known for his excellent tours of race tracks across North America. The McChump Racing Tour travels this continent visiting and reviewing both the major and obscure horse racing venues. For the racing fan, his web site is appealing while fostering fantasy to get out there and visit more of these places.

I had the pleasure of meeting Terry when he brought the McChump Tour to Cincinnati for an afternoon at River Downs. That’s Terry on the right, and Your Author in the middle. On the left would be Dave, another Derby List member.

A Day at River Downs

Do check out the web site.


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