This Senseless War

In her excellent blog, Paula Reed, passionate English teacher and author, writes about one of her students. Luke excelled in her class and found his love and his talents in caring for injured soldiers overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan, for which he was awarded several medals.

I hope you read Paula’s post, and you know where this story is going. It’s a reminder of the price we pay for being in a senseless war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • We’ve lost too many of our children, the ones who hold the future of this country in their hands.
  • Our country has watched the slaughter of not only it’s own, but the slaughter of thousands of Iraqi families.
  • America has lost our respect in the global community.
  • We’ve sold our future and our children’s future out with our massive debt.

This war has cost us too much.  Way too much.


2 responses to “This Senseless War

  1. Thanks, Neal, for linking to my tribute. I’ve been struggling this weekend, waffling between sadness and anger. I am brokenhearted.

  2. I can understand both feelings, Paula. It’s sad to lose a kid so young and with such potential in such a senseless way.

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