Consider these two short video advertisements. Take a moment to think about the story they tell of the messages the media and our culture blast each second. Consider the daily bombardment of messages telling us how much better we could be if only we would buy Brand X. Or how much more perfect we would look if only we work Brand Z.

As adults, probably the most important thing we can do is talk to our children, sending them messages about their inherent beauty and worth. Girls are particularly targeted, but boys certainly get similar messages from sports as well as the media.

We are not our jobs, the cars we drive, or the clothes we wear. We will be remembered by the deeds we do, the people we touch, and the beauty we add to this world.

I first found these on Jeff Ventura’s “techie” but eclectic blog, Graceful Flavor. Jeff also offers up a bit of research on The Campaign for Real Beauty, creators of these videos.

More video on this topic can be found at Reality on a Stick.



2 responses to “Onslaught

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  2. The photoshop part of the second one was pretty cool. Dove needs to be commended for their work in this direction.

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