Having It All

“You can have it all!” Or so advertising would have you believe.

Sounds greedy to me. And what would I do with it if I got it all?

But if I buy from them, I can have it all. My choice.

If I have it all in a restaurant, I’d be obese. A department store, a jammed full closet and an empty wallet. If I have it all with my credit cards, I’ll never get out of debt until I give it all up. If my car has it all, it will never fit in my garage while sucking so much gas that, once again, I’ll be in hock if I have it all.

But…I can have it all!

Why would I ever want it all?

Wouldn’t I be better off with just some of it?

Or just maybe…I don’t need it at all?


One response to “Having It All

  1. And once you have it all, can anyone cure it all?

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