A Loving Reminder

Take a look at this short (1:30) video. It’s a reminder to us parents about who we are…

Don’t forget, for worse as well as for better, our children do follow our example. And remember, that as we get older, yeah, we do get a lot more like our parents. And so will our children.  I’m amazed when I see that even as teens.

Being a father is by far, the hardest job I have ever done. Even as my son and daughter are growing into an amazing young man and young woman, I still play a role in their lives, as I will for years to come.  As I see them grow, I have faith that somewhere along the line I did something right.

Let’s all hang in there and do the best we can! It’s the future that we’re working for.



One response to “A Loving Reminder

  1. That was really powerful. Wow. And yeah, like my husband says, telling kids what to do is easy. It’s that role model part that’s tough.

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