No New Jail Tax

The voters of Hamilton County, Ohio have once again spoken about a sales tax increase that would have funded a new jail and bought our sheriff some new toys. Speaking of the sheriff’s toys, what do we need an urban assault vehicle for anyhow?

Back on topic. The voters said “NO”. Again.

The new jail funding issue came up a few years back in a somewhat different format only to be voted down by about the same margin. Our three wise County Commissioners who gave us the stadium boondoggle a few years back, decided Hamilton County needed a jail and needed it bad. So they found a way around the voters and decided to enable the sales tax themselves.

“Not so fast!” said several diverse citizens groups who then organized a petition drive last summer for a referendum placing this issue on the ballot. And at the general election held November 6, that issue was defeated 56% to 44%.


Hey, Paula!

Now, that was the name of a song back in the 60’s sung by none other than Paul and Paula.

But I digress again.

Paula, my excellent English teacher friend, in the paragraph above that starts out, “Not so fast!”, where, if anywhere, does the comma go? Inside or outside the quotes?

Thanks for the grammatical help.

Now back to our regularly scheduled blog.

The scare tactics about more criminals on the streets didn’t work. I imagine we’ll see a lot of hand wringing by our public officials, but hopefully action will be taken to consider the underlying issues.

But I’m dreaming…

For another opinion, of similar mind, of course, click this link to Porkopolis, a CityBeat blog.


2 responses to “No New Jail Tax

  1. Sorry! I’m behind the eightball. No comma; the exclamation mark does the trick.

  2. Thanks, Paula, for your clarification of this matter.

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