Veteran’s Day

This day, November 11, is Veteran’s Day. A day our country celebrates and acknowledges the service of our veterans to this country. Take a moment and consider how these men and women have served our country, many with their lives.

We may not agree with the wars in which they fought, we might believe that war is never the answer. For these folks, however, it may have been what they believed was the right thing. They are deserving of our thanks and gratitude.

My father, who died almost 2 years ago, was a World War II Veteran. I am proud of his service to our country and to the world community.


3 responses to “Veteran’s Day

  1. ya’ll are good army pepole

  2. i wish i could see ya’ll

  3. And how many have we asked (even demanded) to serve in wars with which they did not agree either, but they followed their orders and risked (sometimes paid) it all?

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