Christmas has been thrust upon us already, well in advance of the “holiday shopping season.” It’s been at least a couple weeks since I’ve seen my first Christmas tree in a store. And that’s pretty amazing, considering how rarely I frequent stores.

Along those lines, I was wondering today how many times I’ll hear Have a Holly Jolly Christmas this year. So far, and this is only November 15, it’s been three times.

And even further along those lines, it’s only been once that I’ve heard Thanksgiving referred to as turkey day. It’s Thanksgiving. Since I wrote about this in a post last year, I won’t go any further. At least for now.

As I write this article, Linda Ronstadt is singing Prisoner In Disguise on my mp3 player. Back in those days, she had such a great, strong, voice and sang these great duets with John David Souther.

The song playing right after Prisoner in Disguise is another Linda Ronstadt tune, Someone To Lay Down Beside Me. Back in the 70’s I played her music a lot.

Since I’m straining my brain for more to write, maybe I should end here. No need to wear myself out trying to pound out thoughtful tomes with a message to my reading public.

Before I click “Post”, let me leave you with this quote from Mark Twain. I’ve heard the quote before, but just now learned who the author might be.

“Dance like nobody’s watching; love like you’ve never been hurt. Sing like nobody’s listening; live like it’s heaven on earth.”


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