The Presidential election is just less than a year away, and already I’m tired of hearing about all these folks wanting to run for the office. Already they are traveling the country making speeches about this and that, telling us how they will they will fix things. Pandering to whatever demographic of the electorate they happen to be speaking with at that particular moment.

At this juncture, not one of them has really captured my attention. I’m not convinced that any of these men and women offer this country the charisma and leadership required to fix what has been broken. Maybe I am asking too much. It’s just that I am appalled and saddened by our current administration with their arrogant and unfriendly ways.

I am really looking for someone who can step up and mend all these broken fences. Someone who won’t sell our country out to special interests. Is there such a politician out there? A leader. A President who can garner respect in the world community and restore the United States as a good member of our global neighborhood.

Maybe that person will emerge. From amidst the rhetoric, political backbiting, and just plain bullshit, maybe a candidate will stand tall and capture my imagination.

Maybe. Just maybe.


2 responses to “Candidates

  1. Neal, you’re looking for a statesman, as opposed to a politician. They are an endangered species.

  2. A statesman. I suspect that your are quite correct, Paula. Statesmen, if I can be so unliberal as to use the male gender, are really what is needed in this country. People with class, vision, and the guts to move our country along on a path to bring peace to this global community of ours.

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