Hype Friday

The big day is here! The Day After Thanksgiving! After folks have gotten through Turkey Day, gorging themselves while forgetting what Thanksgiving Day really means. Giving thanks. But I digress, once again.

After fueling up on Thanksgiving, today is the day to empty out the wallet and fill up the credit card balance. Along with the bank accounts of the some corporation miles away.

Shop! Buy! Spend! Sit outside your favorite store all night in the cold waiting for some bargain on some item you really don’t need and certainly cannot afford.

Whatever for? Oh yeah, it’s The American Way.

Go ahead.  Feed the frenzy.  You deserve it.


6 responses to “Hype Friday

  1. No, thank you! We may go to a movie, though.

  2. That’s what we did. We spent our money on the discount movies. Didn’t even break out the old credit card.

  3. I’m adding ya to my blogroll Neal. Good stuff here.

  4. Thanks, Jedi. And for a West Virginia boy, you write pretty good too.

  5. The X used to tell me that being in debt was the American way. We didn’t leave the house when I got home from work on Friday. I love that someone came up with a No Shopping movement. Maybe someday holidays will mean something again.

  6. Well maybe you X was right on that one. It is the American way to be in debt It helps the economy and keeps peoples’ noses to the grindstone and working. So they can acquire more stuff and debt.

    And to think you stayed home on Black Friday. It’s people like you that are causing the erosion of moral values in this country, ya know.

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