It’s a Great Night to be a West Virginian

In spite of:

  • The Mountaineers losing their national championship bid by losing to arch-rival Pitt in the regular season finale.
  • The highly successful head coach breaking his promise to WVU and bolting to greener pastures soon after that loss.
  • All the controversy, negativity and other brouhaha from this turn of events after a great fooball season.
  • Being an underdog to #4 ranked Oklahoma.
  • Losing their top running back, Steve Slaton, to injury early in the game.

In spite of it all…

The WVU Mountaineers rode the Sooners of Oklahoma back to the plains, beating them in the Fiesta Bowl 48-28. Under the leadership of West Virginian and interim coach Bill Stewart, the team pulled together, and played together so well.

As Coach Bill Stewart said, “It’s a great night to be a West Virginian!”

What a way to end a season full of ups and downs. What a ride!


2 responses to “It’s a Great Night to be a West Virginian

  1. Even as a life-long resident of Ohio, it was great to see WVU win under those circumstances. I was really shocked to see a coach abandon his team right before their biggest game of the season. You’ve got to hand it to those kids for keeping their chins up.

  2. I was born in West Virginia, and moved across the Ohio River to Ohio at age 10, so I’ve got roots in both states.

    Those kids did really well that night, and will continue to shine in the future.

    Not that I needed it, more reason to root for the Buckeyes. I always do except on the rare occasion they play WVU.

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