News Makers

I was recently perusing that weekly news magazine called Newsweek, when I came across a page that attracted my serious attention. In the January 21 issue, back on page 83 we find a page entitled Newsmakers.

Expecting stories on the movers and shakers of the world, I was surprised that the faces and names were unfamiliar. Clay Aiken? Mischa Barton? Nicole Kidman? At least I’ve heard of Nicole Kidman. She acts in movies, doesn’t she?

Over half the page is dedicated to a hard hitting journalistic effort, interviewing this Clay Aiken guy. Apparently Mr. Aiken is historic in that he is some sort of “American Idol crooner.” Here’s a few examples of the tough questions Newsweek posed to Aiken:

Did you know your socks don’t match?
Stay away from Joan Rivers (that’s not even a question)
Do you think the Claymates will come see you?
Do women throw their underwear onstage?
How did you get into a fight with that lady on a plane?

No powder puff interview there. No sir. There’s news I can use!

The one question that piqued my interest,  was the one concerning women throwing underwear on stage. Do they take it off right there? In the theater?

In case you were wondering, as I was, Mischa Barton, whoever she is, had a DUI in December. Another drunk celebrity? She does apologize however, claiming, “I don’t know what to say about it except I’m not perfect?”

Like totally newsworthy.

Finally, Nicole Kidman is a news maker because she quit another movie. OK.

And that, dear readers, is the news.


4 responses to “News Makers

  1. Amazing what passes for news. I didn’t recognize anyone on that list other than Kidman but then I purposely ignore “celebrity gossip”. Can you imagine stepping out your door first thing in the morning to some guy taking your picture and asking you questions like, “I heard through your bathroom window last night what seemed to sound like a stomach ailment. Was it something you ate? Was it the stress of having an argument with your wife? Had you been drinking? Are you drinking because you lost that large computer consulting contract?” People need more hobbies. Appropriate hobbies that don’t include other peoples business.

  2. Catty, your first sentence sums it up for me: “amazing what passes for news.” That’s the problem. These three people aren’t “news makers” at all.

    There are much more important things going on in the world than to know about which “celebrity” was drunk, high, obnoxious, rude, racist, lewd, baring their breasts and/or crotch once again this week.

  3. You know what bothers me? They never ask presidential candidates about socks or underwear. How am I supposed to make an informed decision?

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