Foot Ball

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, a now American tradition. Sit in front of the TV all day, watching interminable commercials selling stuff no one needs. A game where a major event is the Coin Toss (sponsored by XYZZY), which, in most games isn’t even televised.

Make no mistake about it, I enjoy football, and watch my share of games. But the Super Bowl gets a little tedious with all the hype and all the advertising. FOX, that obnoxious television network, has the game this year. I have High Definition on my TV and during the game their video bands take up about the top 10% of the screen. Why in the world does that band that shows the score, downs, time, etc. have to have a blank (and unusable) area above it?

Enough of this rant. Back to the Half Time Show with Tom Petty sponsored by Life Water (whatever the hell that is).

Oh. And “the National Football League thanks you for watching the Halftime Show sponsored by XYZZY.” They thank me?

I guess I should Thank Them. For allowing me the privilege of watching the Life Water Half Time Show. But, I guess they did give me enough time to post this blog entry as well as having something to blog about.

Back to the game.

Sometime soon.

After the Teams Coming Out On the Field For The Third Quarter sponsored by XYZZY.


2 responses to “Foot Ball

  1. LOL. I watched for the ads and got a great game as a bonus. I think I liked the Life Water ads best but am gonna have to find that website you mention in your next post and watch them again. I’m an ad brat. My Mom, Dad, Step-Father, Cousin, Husband, Self and now Oldest Son have all been in The Biz at one time or another. It’s what I know. 🙂

  2. Ha! I used to watch just for the creative commercials. Missed everything this year, but not really.

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